Treatment Fees

Being able to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of should be available to everyone.

Orthodontic treatment can sometimes be expensive, which is why Elmhurst Orthodontic Clinic endeavour to make it as affordable as possible by offering the best prices and flexible payment plans – subject to status.

Making treatment affordable – 0% finance plans*

Some of our orthodontists offer financing options which allow you to spread out the total cost of treatment, usually between 12 and 36 months (subject to status).

Orthodontic treatment is certainly an investment worth making. For a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions relating to our financing options please click here.

Why not book a free consultation today to find out if you could benefit from treatment?  After all, it’s free and there’s no obligation for you to pursue treatment.

An investment worth making

Some people may only need minor corrections to their teeth, while others may require more significant work. Cost will vary depending on the treatment you need. We will be able to provide you with a quote for the treatment we recommend at your FREE consultation.

However, to give you an idea, Invisalign can cost from £1,500. That may seem a lot but think of it as an investment. This is the smile you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life.


Treatment Price List

Initial Pre-treatment ConsultationFREE (over the age of 18)
Adult fixed clear braces (upper and lower)
Mild Treatment£2900
Moderate Treatment£3200
Complex Treatment£3400 - £4800
Hidden Lingual Braces
Incognito™ / WiNAdditional £3500 per arch
Short Term Braces
6 months, Quick Straight Teeth, Inman Alignerfrom £2000 per arch
Invisalign™ Clear Aligners
I7£2745 Dual arch / £1995 Single arch
Lite£3500 Dual arch / £2500 Single arch
FullFrom £4000
Vivera RetainersSingle arch £499; Double arch £649
Fixed Upper or Lower - mild treatment
Single Arch Treatment£1900
Fixed Upper & Lower Braces
Mild Treatment£2500
Moderate Treatment£2900
Complex Treatment£3200
Removable Appliance£700
Removable and impressions£130 per arch
Fixed retainer£350 per arch

The treatment value reflects the complexity of each individual case.  A detailed estimate and treatment plan is provided following an initial consultation.  We are flexible with payment terms and happy to spread the cost if this makes it easier for you.

* Any written estimate for treatment is valid for 12 months from the date of the initial consultation.


Treatment Finance Calculator

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For a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions relating to our financing options please click here.

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment


The Smile Score

Many patients want to improve the look of their smile. An attractive smile can give your confidence a real boost. Elmhurst offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments available to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Because many patients have questions about the best way to give their smile a boost, our Smile Score assessment service is here to help you find the best cosmetic treatment to suit your wants, needs and budget.

Simply answer a few short questions, fill in your contact details and one of our orthodontic experts will assess your answers and get in touch with you to discuss the most suitable options available to you.

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