An overjet is the gap between your upper and lower sets of teeth. Your upper teeth should be around 2-4mm in front of the bottom teeth and the space is known as the overjet.

What are twin-blocks?

They are braces that are designed to align the jaws. They are very intensive and forceful braces, able to reduce the overjet significantly from ten millimetres to four millimetres in four months.

When are they to be worn?

Twin-blocks should ideally be worn continually. Still, at first it can take a little time to get used to it and so you should remove it for a short time if your jaws feel tired. Always store your twin-blocks in a safe place.

Can I eat while wearing twin-blocks?

Yes, you can eat with twin-blocks. Initially it may take some getting used to but you will soon become accustomed to it. If you are struggling you can take the twin-blocks out to eat.

Will removing my twin-blocks affect treatment?

If you take your twin-blocks for a short period of time this should not matter, but try to wear it as much as possible to maximise the chance of success.

How should I clean my teeth?

You should clean your teeth as normal just simply remove the twin-blocks and brush as normal.

How should I clean my braces?

It is important to keep your brace clean. Rinse it on a regular basis and brush it to maintain good functionality and minimise bacteria. Your dentist will advise you on how to keep your brace clean.

Should I turn the screw of the brace?

The upper block has a screw which you will need to turn on particular days. Your dentist or orthodontist will explain how and when to turn the screw.

What about when I play sport?

It is advised you remove the brace when playing sport.

What about when I play a musical instrument?

It is also best to remove your brace when playing a musical instrument.

What should I do if my brace breaks?

If your brace breaks, call your orthodontist to arrange an appointment. If you can still wear the brace, do, but if it is severely damaged, take it out and see your orthodontist as soon as possible.

What happens if my teeth also need straightening?

If your teeth need straightening, you will need a fixed brace, which will be attached to the teeth. The twin-blocks are designed to straighten and align the jaws, not the teeth.

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